The Patriot Lacrosse program recognizes that athletics and lacrosse specifically are key in the development of youth in our society. Patriot lacrosse provides lacrosse programs that are comprehensive and varied, including clinics, camps, teams and leagues. Patriot Lacrosse pursues excellence through personal development and teamwork, admires responsible and ethical behavior on the field and off, and nurtures leadership and strength of character. Above all, Patriot Lacrosse promotes the long lessons inherent to athletic achievement and good sportsmanship; that a student-athlete demonstrates humility in victory and grace in defeat.

Core Values

  • Leadership driven by fair play and sportsmanship
  • Inclusive player development
  • Commitment to education of coaches, players, and parents
  • Promoting a fun, safe, inclusive and healthy lacrosse environment


  • To develop strength of character, integrity, social competence, and ethical and moral values consistent with the needs and demands of the community and society, and the mission of Patriot Lacrosse. 
  • To strengthen in student-athletes the virtues of good sportsmanship, self sacrifice, fair play and teamwork essential to success in athletics and in our society;
  • To encourage the development of a strong and healthy young man, with a sound mind and body, and a healthy work-ethic;
  • To provide opportunity for students to strive for excellence in the practice and performance of athletics;
  • To teach participation as a member of a team, and to encourage contribution to the success and well-being of a team;
  • To motivate students to improve individual athletic playing skills through practice and preparation;
  • To promote the practice of self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions in competitive and pressure situations;
  • To teach students the rules and strategies of lacrosse, the importance of adhering to the rules, and the respect for both the officials administering the rules and their decisions;

DEI Statement

Patriot Lacrosse is dedicated to providing all participants with a welcoming and safe environment in which we value and respect each other’s unique qualities and contributions. We are committed to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as organizational values to intentionally create a nurturing and learning environment focused on individuality, celebrating each other’s differences and joining together as a community.

DEI Training: Education is at the forefront of who we are and we believe we would be remiss in not creating an opportunity to educate ourselves on what it means to be inclusive in the lacrosse community. We have developed an educational program for coaches, parents and players to learn what it means to create an inclusive environment on and off the playing field.

Patriot Outreach: Patriot has always had a sector that focuses on giving back to the community. Over the years, we have participated in projects varying from food drives, equipment drives, sponsoring a player for Team Uganda, and running lacrosse clinics in Newark. We are excited to be partnering with CityLax, an organization whose sole mission is to expand the game of lacrosse to underprivileged communities within the 5 boroughs of NYC. We look forward to partnering with CityLax to provide more opportunity and involvement from both communities.